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Western Union’s 24/7 online money transfer system allows you to easily send money so your friends and family can quickly receive the money they need.

Top Western Union Destinations

  • India


    Transfer money to India with Western Union to take advantage of their brilliant and locked, foreign exchange rates. As well as great rates you can transfer money to a bank account with £0 in fees, or to one of more than 113,000 agent locations throughout India.

  • Thailand


    Send money to Thailand with Western Union. Money can be transferred using the ‘Money in Minutes’ service or sent to your receiver’s bank account. With great exchange rates, Western Union is a brilliant choice when sending money to friends, family and business associates in Thailand with more than 8,300 agent locations.

  • Pakistan


    Western Union lets you send money to Pakistan with no fee, using any credit or debit card. There are more than 7,600 agent locations where your receiver can pick up the cash you send them. The exchange rate gives you great savings when sending money to Pakistan.

  • Philippines


    There are more than 8,300 Western Union agent locations in the Philippines, meaning if their not on your local high-street, their probably just around the corner. As well as the ‘Money in Minutes’ service, we also offer transfers direct to bank accounts, and transfers to mobile phones with a mobile wallet.

  • China


    Western Union offers great exchange rates for those sending money to China. With more than 37,000 agent locations across 31 municipalities, autonomous regions and provinces, it’s easy for your receiver to pick up the money you send them. We also offer an account to account service in China.

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